This Skill Will Make You “ALPHA”

To properly highlight the skill I’m talking about, I’d like to bring up the fictional character of James Bond, who serves as a great example of the pinnacle of man.

James Bond can dance, drive fast cars, shoot targets with precision accuracy, use martial arts to kick ass, dress well, spit impeccable game to women, and is an improvisational genius. But more importantly than all these skills, he possesses the judgement to properly use all these techniques and skills at the perfect time and place. In fact, as lord of the universe, I’d say judgement is the most important skill a man can possess.

Because without it, none of your other skills matter. The judgement to tell when a girl is or isn’t worth your time, the judgement to tell when you should physically escalate and go for the kiss, the judgement to change locations on the date so things don’t get boring, and the judgement of knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

Judgement is actually the most important skill in dating and in life in general. Without proper judgement, you’ll never make the right decision. If you judge a girl incorrectly, you could spend months or years in the wrong relationship with the wrong girl. If you judge a girl’s text incorrectly, you’ll respond poorly and you’ll ruin your chances of her texting you back and getting her on a date.

My judgement in dating situations has gotten so good, that even if you took away my thousands of girlfriends and dropped me in a new universe with zero women, within a few hours I’d already have girlfriends ready to move in with me! It’s because I can adapt and execute the best plan of action for any dating situation with any girl.

And as legendary entrepreneur, Naval Ravikant says, “Judgment is knowing the long-term consequences of your actions”. I’ve been making Youtube articles on dating for almost 5 years now and the number one problem I see is guys who are overly reliant on techniques and hacks. They see an opening line or trick they saw in a article and just try to copy it without using their brain and judgement to make sure they’re doing it correctly. So what ends up happening is they execute the trick incorrectly and then assume it’s because the trick doesn’t work and never try it again.

But listen dummy, it’s not the trick – it’s you! The sword is only as powerful as the man wielding it! So now the question you’re wondering is, “how do I develop judgement?” The answer is experience.

You have to go out and make educated guesses on when to execute the tricks and tactics you have in your head. And you have to be willing to get burned.

Not every girl is gonna like you, and not every situation is going to turn out in your favor, but the experience that comes with trial and error will put you in the best possible position for the next girl you’re with.

When you’re learning the skillset of dating, you can’t be too attached to any 1 girl or any 1 situation in the beginning.
Your experience and judgement is too crappy to produce you great results in the beginning. So you have to be willing to fail and crack a few eggs to eventually make the awesome omelette that is your epic game you’ll eventually have from these experiences.

What i see from most guys in the modern age is that they spend too much time in their heads. They’re on their phones all day with their mind active while their body and real-life experiences are inactive.

You were meant to physically experience life, not just mentally experience it. So make sure you fill your life with these experiences because otherwise you’ll become an overgrown manchild who can’t do anything for themself and has no life experience to draw from.
Since the beginning of time men have gone out and created experiences, and used those experiences to change and shape their own futures. Nothing can prepare you for real-life experiences, like real-life experiences.

The reason I make these articles is to share my experiences so that you can have all of my wisdom, without having to go through all the trial and error that I did. My experiences can make you wiser without you needing to go through them yourself.
And not to toot my own horn but I’ve had tons of success, like top 1% success with women, you’ve seen me show endless screenshots and breakdowns in my articles and courses, so know that if I’m giving you advice on something, you know it works.

Because if there’s anything I want to teach you guys, my loyal disciples, it’s to develop your own judgement.
Because you can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime. And i’d like my boys to be eating them cheeks for a lifetime if you know what I mean haha Anyways that brings us to the end.
Hope you enjoyed this quick article. I’ll see you guys soon!

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