THIS DM Has a 97% Response Rate

There exists an opening line that is so legendary… it can GUARANTEE you a date with just a single 4 word message.
This line was so powerful, it was buried… stored… protected for millenia within the walls of Mt. Olympus. For fear that if it was revealed to the male demographic, it would cause an explosion of dates and sex so massive..

It would destabilize the region.. leading to overpopulation and geopolitical instability. Thousands of planets have been ruined over the years by the release of this line… I’ve readed empires fall as a result, but now my loyal disciples, as a reward for your longstanding loyalty, I will reveal it to you.

Ok now that I got it out of my system I’ll actually get to the point of this article. Honestly, a big reason I still make these articles is for the intros I come up with haha they always crack me up. Let’s get right to it. The line itself is very simple, it’s simply just: POV: our first date accompanied by one of her own Instagram photos.

That’s it. Now the real magic is in the execution. So here’s how ya execute it. Step 1: Find the perfect picture.
YOu have to find a picture that makes sense with the line. If it’s a picture with her and 10 friends at the beach that’s not gonna work and she’s gonna respond “what the fuck are you talking about dude” Find the right picture.

A picture of her that looks like it could be a date. I’ll have a bunch on screen as I’m explaining it so you get an idea.
If it’s a thirst trap picture of her with her ASSets hanging out, it’s probably not the right picture to do it on because you’ll look like a creep. And for zeus’s sake remember, although the line has the words POV in it, it’s not the POV you’re thinking of and have dozens of downloaded on your computer OK bro? Bonus tip: Slightly modify the line so that it works with the picture you’re sending.

If you can find a picture that kinda works with it, then just switch up the line a bit so that it’s clear and easy for her to still understand the joke.
Here’s an example. In this picture, the girl is stepping out of her car, so how does our fellow Basedlympian student modify the line to make it work? He says: POV: When I open the door for you on our first date.

Simple enough, right my disciple? Now it’s time to move on. Step 2: Send her the line POV: our first date, along with one of her own pictures. This is the simple part. Just send her, her own photo along with the line and boom you’ve got a one way ticket to the DMs. Step 3: Follow up with good game.

The line won’t always be enough to secure an immediate date. It’s great for getting the conversation started on the right foot and in the direction of setting up a date, but if its your first message to a girl ever, she’ll probably want to chat a bit more to feel comfortable enough saying yes to your date request.

This line is great because it sets the frame right from the start, it sets the frame of “this is a romantic conversation, and my intention is to take you on a date”. It sets up a soft close and makes it easy to get right to the point, and for a decent amount of girls that may be enough as long as your Instagram profile is attractive enough to get her intrigued.

Like any killer lines you DM a girl on Instagram, it will only work if your Instagram profile is high value and maximized for attraction with women.
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