These 4 Things Are Making You UGLY & Less Attractive

Right now, there’s a 99% chance you’re doing at least 1 of these unattractive things in your dating life.
And if you wanna be scooping up boat loads of hot babes, then you’re gonna need to cut that shit out ASAP.

Because here’s the truth my disciple. If you wanna be REALLY successful at dating, you have to be REALLY successful at building and maximizing attraction. Rocket science, I know.
But for some reason, it seems as though guys are getting WORSE at creating attraction with women. And a big factor is all the terrible advice out there.

So today, me, your god, your lord and savior, your big daddy, this article, is going to lay down the law and tell you the X things that are making you less attractive, and even ugly.
Now most of these are personality traits, meaning you can fix them – because let’s face it, unless you had a 100 thousand dollar plastic surgery budget, an ugly face would be hard to fix.

The first thing that makes guys unattractive is the lack of a skincare routine.
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Now that you know the first unattractive habit, lets move on to the 2nd one.

2 Trying too hard to be ‘alpha’ This may sound like an odd one but it’s one of the biggest issues I see plaguing guys today.

With the obsession with ‘simping’ and being ‘alpha’ guys have began to overthink every little thing imaginable.
Bad men’s dating advice has created a caricature of what it means to be ‘alpha’ or ‘attractive’. Guys have this caricature in their head of an alpha male who is stone cold and unemotional 24/7 to the point of being boring and having a stick up their ass.

It’s an unrealistic energy to aspire to and even if you DID have this energy, it would be so boring and uninteresting that no girl would be interested, no matter how ‘alpha’ you think you are A girl is looking for EMOTION You could say that game is simply the process of consistently creating positive emotions in a woman so that she becomes invested and attracted to you.

It’d be pretty hard to do this if you were ultra serious, macho alpha tryhard guy – so don’t do it Think about it, the one thing girls across the board always say they like is a guy who’s funny.

Now I know women give bad dating advice but this is the one thing that they say that’s actually true. It’s because a guy who’s funny makes them feel comfortable, makes them feel emotions, and the laughter brings them closer together and forms a stronger bond AKA EMOTIONS. This isn’t rocket science bro.

Think about it. Anytime you’re having a strong belly laugh with someone it makes you trust them more and brings you closer together. It’d be pretty difficult to do this if you were playing the stone cold macho man all the time.
And this brings me to my 3rd point which is directly related to this.

3 Not showing affection A lot of guys take this alpha male persona so far that they refuse to do anything nice to the girl or show them that they care… this is short-sighted, ineffective, and just plain stupidity.

Anytime i see guys doing this or asking questions about how to not be a simp when doing normal things that aren’t even remotely simp behavior, I just wanna smack them over the head. It’s like listen idiot, the girl likes you, you like her, you know she’s a high quality woman, you’ve set your frame already, why do you have to be ‘the alpha’ 24/7 nonstop.

Can’t you just relax and have fun with your girl? Isn’t this what relationships are all about? I mean why else pursue it in the first place if you have to play a character around your girl all the time?? Ask yourself this bro:

What girl is going to be loyal, dedicated, and invested in staying around if she never gets any affection from you? Stupid ‘alpha male’ advice guys think complimenting a girl, doing something nice for her, or treating her like someone you care about is ‘simping’ or ‘bad game’ If you saw my text messages, you might think im a ‘simp’ from the outside, but i get away with it because in person and over text, i still have a strong dominant frame and im not needy or overbearing.

If a girl sends me a cute picture of herself, i compliment her on it, if it’s her birthday or a special occasion, i’ll do something extra nice for her, or if the relationship has been extra good lately and you can tell she’s putting lots of effort into it, i’ll acknowledge it by doing something nice so that she feels appreciated and incentivized to keep doing it. If she dresses up extra nicely for our date, i’m gonna make a comment on it and show her physical affection to show my appreciation for it.

Im not gonna be an uncalibrated, socially inept moron who thinks it’s ‘beta’ or ‘simp’ behavior to acknowledge, appreciate, and reward a woman’s effort into the relationship. I mean just think about how dumb that sounds, I have to tell guys that it’s not simp behavior to tell a girl she looks gorgeous when she dresses up for a date.

Like what world are we in bro? Use your common sense! It’s like hey, she’s making it obvious she likes you stupid, maybe at least give her a little somethinh to show her you like her too. Doesn’t have to be over the top.
But she needs some sort of reassurance. Because being too cold will push her away for good. The takeaway message is: Be a gentleman, show affection, but maintain your dominant and masculine frame. Do this and you’ll never have to worry about being a ‘simp’. #4 Lack of initiative

This is another big one that is an instant attraction killer. Guys are too afraid to take charge. They let the girl lead and dictate the interaction when she’s expecting you to do it. Take charge. Tell her what the plans are.

Don’t ask her where she wants to eat or what she wants to do. TELL HER hey, we’re doing X, if she objects then at that point you offer another suggestion or hear out her objection and solve it.

You have no idea how many times i’ve sat on dates with girls and when i ask them what made them want to come out with me, their response is always the same: “you asked me and you made all the plans so it was super easy” She doesn’t want you to ask her what she wants to do, she doesn’t want to think. All she wants to do is show up and look pretty, so it’s your job as a man to take care of the logistics because the truth is, a hot girl will have way more options than you most of the time, so don’t give her a reason to say no.
Now if it’s your first date, you can’t just tell a girl ‘hey be at this place at 6 pm friday’. Chances are she doesn’t know you well enough for that. Instead ask her when shes free for you to take her out, when she tells you, that’s when you drop a day and time on her, and activity. Make sense?? Good because that’s the end of the article.

As a recap, here are the 4 things on screen you need to remember to make sure you’re not killing your own attraction. And don’t forget to check out our sponsor Tiege Hanley by clicking the link below. A skincare routine is the easiest and most effective habit you can start today to maximize your facial attractiveness, so why aren’t you doing it? You already know tiege makes it easy and there’s a link below and a free gift for you guys, so check them out.

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