6 Attractive Traits Women LOVE

In the depths of Mt. Olympus.. Hidden deep beneath the surface… lie 6 hidden secrets available only to the most capable men… secrets so powerful that if they were divulged to the public… the balance would be disrupted and the universe would explode in one massive flash of…. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit haha.

Nowadays, most guys are so socially awkward and unaware that they have no idea what they’re doing when they talk to a girl they like. This clumsiness they bring into their interactions turns women off immediately, so to help you avoid this clumsiness, I’m going to be showing you 6 attractive traits women LOVE.

#1 Being direct in asking for a date I’ve been on 3 dates in the last week and a half all from dating apps.

And every time i asked the girl what made her want to meetup with me, she told me that i was the most upfront and direct guy in asking her out. I wasn’t weird, i didn’t drag things out, i was just normal, fun, and direct in my intentions to take her out. For a lot of girls, that’s all it takes. Guys are so terrible at doing something as basic as asking a girl out that if you have half a brain and go for it, you’ll be successful with it.

Here’s a simple message flow I like to use. If i match with a girl, my first message is “So this means we’re dating now, right?” Then after she responds, my response is typically something like “So when am I taking you out?” or something like “So I guess that means we have to go on a date now”. Then from there she’ll usually respond positively, and you can say something like “what’s your instagram” or “what’s your phone number? I’ll hit DM you and set it up”. Boom easy, you’ve escalated and gotten off the dating app with soft plans to go on a date. Told you it was easy bro.

2 Taking charge and leading interaction.

This is really just to piggyback off number 1. If you don’t take charge and lead the interaction, you leave the burden of the interaction on the girl. It makes setting up the date feel like a chore or a job for the girl to do when she’d much rather have you figure it all out and just tell her where to show up and what’s happening.

For a girl, just showing up and looking pretty is already a lot to ask, girls take like 3 hours to get ready, and they have a phone full of date requests from guys 24/7 so if she’s gonna pick you out of everyone, you better make damn sure you make it easy for her to go on a date with you. So when you setup a date, you want to pick the time the place, and have the whole agenda set and decided. If there’s any logistics or obstacles in the way of you guys going on the date then solve them. She’s expecting you to solve them for her.

The best way to setup a date is to ask vaguely about her plans, something like “any big plans this week?” or if you already talked about a date, you can say something like “when are you free?” so you get an idea of when she’s available. Then when she tells you, you invite her on a date with a general time, like the evening or afternoon, you can setup the specific time the day of or day before when you follow up. If she lives far or doesn’t have a car, offer to pick her up, uber her, or whatever you need to do to solve her logistics and obstacles and get her on the date. Take charge and take action, my disciple.

3 Make sure you’re smelling sexy and irresistible at all times.

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4 Physical escalation I’ve had so many girl friends complain to me about guys who are too afraid to make a move on them and escalate.

I know girls who’ve gone on multiple dates with guys and given them MASSIVE hints that they wanted the guy to make a move, only for the guy to be totally oblivious or too scared to take the first step.

This is the easiest way to shoot yourself in the foot. If you don’t escalate on a girl who wants you to, you’ll make her feel bad about herself because she’ll think you don’t like her OR you’re not attracted to her, both of which will make her feel bad and stop talking to you. Now escalation doesn’t always mean immediately going for the kiss.

Here are some easy small ways to escalate so you can get a gauge of how comfortable she is with you and how receptive she is to your escalation, if she responds positively to these, then you can usually go for the kiss. Sitting across the table from her and holding her hand Putting your arm around her when walking. You can do this in one of two ways, one, you can put your arm up high around her neck or shoulder area or go lower and put your arm around her waist or lower back. And then of course –

Kissing her when you feel the time is right. Don’t overthink this, if the verbal escalation and verbal communication is going well, it’s typically a good sign she’ll be receptive to a kiss. When it’s time to kiss, slow things down, and get close to her face gently, at this point it’s obvious what you’re about to do so if she’s not ready yet she’ll typically pull away. If she doesn’t then you can finish it off and go all the way for the smooch.

5 Being protective + making her feel safe The world is a scary and dangerous place for a girl, there’s lots of creeps and desperate simps out there ready to pounce like a starved dog.

Little things like grabbing her and pulling her close to you when you’re out and near strangers or shady people, leading her through crowds, and ensuring she walks on the inside of the street from you, away from cars can go along way to show you care and make her feel safe around you. These little things add up and show your character, and show her that she can trust you to make her feel safe.
And if you want a girl to be physically intimate with you, you better make damn sure you make her feel safe.

6 Calling out bad behavior and holding her accountable for her actions.

Now warning, This doesn’t mean be a douchebag. It just means that you’re willing to draw the line and show the girl your boundaries. You won’t be walked on and you must be respected if the relationship is to continue. Relationships are about mutual respect.

If one person doesn’t respect the other it’s a recipe for disaster. So it’s important to respectfully and calmly call out behavior that’s disrespectful, or violates your boundaries and expectations for the relationship. Key word here being CALMLY and RESPECTFULLY. There’s nothing that’s gonna turn her off more than you whining and getting all triggered and emotional when she does something you don’t like.

All you have to do is bring it up like an adult and handle it like an adult and it will run smoothly 9 times out of 10. As long as she knows where you stand and what you’re willing and not willing to put up with, it will make the relationship smooth sailing.

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