10 Tricks to Make Girls Notice You

If you’ve ever been to a bar or club, you’ve definitely seen the fun magnet in action, you just didn’t know it. The fun magnet is when you do something to become the life of the party, once you become the life of the party, people, girls specifically feel FOMO and they want to join in on the fun, so they’ll often come up and approach you.

How do you do this, exactly? The easiest way to do this when you’re out is to take over the dance floor with a friend or two and just go all out. The dance moves don’t need to be good at all, you just need to look like you’re having the time of your life while doing it.

Hell, the dance moves can even be bad! Bad funny dance moves can sometimes attract girls’ attention even more and make them want to come over to you to get a closer look and start conversation. The other way to do the fun magnet is to buy a bunch of bottles and have a ton of hot girls at your table at the nightclub, but unless you’re rich and already getting loads of girls, this one isn’t exactly easy to pull off so next tip!

2 Adopt a trademark emoji.

This is a simple one, adopt a slightly random and entertaining emoji to use often when you text a girl to make yourself standout and give her something funny, unique and memorable to have in her head when she thinks about you.

3 Mewing

Mewing is a relatively new trick developed by orthodontists to improve your face and jaw structure and as a result, your facial attractiveness. Here’s how you do it. Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose so that your jaw is tighter and your facial structure is more pronounced and aesthetic. The human eye is drawn to sharp lines and angles, mewing improves the angulation of your face and will improve your facial attractiveness to women and get them noticing you way more.

4 Strong eye contact.

This is an obvious one but so few guys have strong, engaging eye contact and it’s such a game changer. Here’s some quick tips to improve your eye contact and use it in a way to get you noticed by the ladies. Make sure to look deep into her eyes and don’t look away until she looks away. If you’re going to look away and break eye contact, commit to it and look away slowly before going back. Don’t do the thing where you awkwardly look away then look back to see if she’s still looking.

5 Clear, glowing skin. Glowing skin is synonymous with a handsome face.

The quality of your skin is the quality of your face, so if you want to boost your attractiveness and get more attention from the ladies, it should be a no-brainer to have a skincare routine. But if you’re a busy god like me who’s constantly bouncing between dates and intergalactic orgies, you need your skincare routine to be simple and uncomplicated so that you get the benefit without spending 20 minutes in the bathroom like a chick! That’s why I love our sponsor Tiege Hanley.
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6 Surround yourself with other women.

This is similar to the fun magnet and takes advantage of an aspect of female psychology known as preselection. Preselection means that women are attracted to men who are desirable other women, aka men who were already preselected by other women. The fastest way to get girls to notice you is to be surrounded by other women in your instagram profile, in person, and give off the vibe that you get girls often.

7 Wear a Sweet, fruity smelling fragrance Girls love sweet fragrances, and the main ingredient in sweet fragrances is fruit.

Here are some of the best fragrances with this scent DNA. Stronger with you,Jean Paul Gaultier ultra male (i’m not even gonna try to pronounce that, i’ll just put a pic of the bottle and the name on screen), YSL La Nuit De L’Homme, and Versace Eros. Jesus christ, that was a an absolute massacre of those names. But regardless, All of these will get you wicked compliments. I used to go out to the bar and have girls come up to me from 5 sometimes 10 feet away to compliment me on how good i smell and starting a convo based about how good you smell is almost synonymous with her telling you she’s attracted.

8 Do the Smile and confident nod.

This one is easy, you really need me to explain it to ya? Just smile and nod confidently, that’s it! If you need anymore explanation than that then you’re really screwed! What you want me to bang the girl for you too?! Jesus.. Next tip!

9 Dominant, masculine body language.

Most people nowadays are hunched over with bad posture looking down at the floor because they’re on their phone 24/7 Standing up straight, nice and tall with your shoulders rolled slightly back will not only make you look taller, it’ll also make you loook like a man with purpose and help you stand out

10 High-quality social media photos.

Here are a few quick tips to make your social media photos better and portray you in the most attractive way possible to women who scroll past your photos.
When you pose, stick your chin outward and down slightly to create a sharper jawline, Don’t lean back or away from the camera as it makes you look shy and insecure and ALWAYS experiment with the lightin. 90% of what makes a good photo is the lighting.

Light should be in front of you, shining on your face, never behind you! And that my friends is it. If you do these 10 things, you’ll have girls noticing you from across the galaxy, and taking flights on Elon Musk’s spaceship to get to you in no time.

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